If you’re like most home and business owners, you only notice the trees on your property when you’re admiring their beauty and relaxing in the shade that they provide. However, it only takes one strong storm to turn those lovely trees into liabilities and safety hazards. Severna Park Tree Services can help protect your home and business with a large variety of tree-related problems.

Tree Removal Services

Although no one likes the idea of removing a tree from their property, there comes a time when some trees stop being assets that provide cooling shade, aesthetic appeal, and a place for children to play and become liabilities instead. They can get too close to power lines, for instance, or become so large and dense that they prevent the sunlight from entering your home. Brittle branches also poses a safety risk because weak wood blows down easily.

Most home and business owner do not possess the proper tools or expertise to chop down trees themselves. When a tree turns from an asset into a potentially dangerous liability, you need the professional services of an established Severna Park tree services company to ensure that it’s safely removed.

Stump Removal Services

Whether a tree on your property has fallen down of its own accord or you’ve attempted to cut it down yourself, it’s probably left behind an unsightly stump. Without the right equipment and knowledge, removing a stump is almost impossible because the roots reach far into the ground. You can save yourself the nightmare of trying to remove stumps by hiring a Serverna Park tree services company to come by with their stump grinder and leave you with a stump-free environment.

Tree Trimming Services

Not every tree that starts to cause a problem on your property needs to be removed. For instance, when trees start to grow too close to power lines, sometimes all they need is a good professional trimming. If you have a tree that you don’t want to chop down but is nonetheless getting out of control, you can trust the services of a Severna Park tree company. Trained tree experts know how to properly trim a tree without damaging it and while protecting your residential or commercial property. Regular tree trimming will keep trees healthy and will therefore increase their aesthetic appeal.

Storm Cleanup & Restoration

You probably already know that your yard can look like a disaster zone after a strong storm has blown through. This can be dangerous as well as unsightly. A professional Severna tree services company has the tools and the experience to have your yard to it’s debris-free pre-storm condition.

Trust Qualified, Experienced Severna Tree Care Providers

Both commercial and residential properties will benefit from partnering with a Severna tree service provider. Severna Park Tree Services has the knowledge and experience to handle all of your tree care needs. Give them a call today and turn your home or business’s outdoor space back into a thing of beauty.