Affordable and Safe Tree Services in Bowie Maryland: 15 Years of Safe Tree Removal

If you’re thinking about removing an old tree from your property, there are probably a few things that instantly come to mind. First, you may wonder if you can afford the pricing of tree removal. Second, you may worry about safety. And this is why you want to call upon the experts of Affordable Tree Service when you’re in need of Bowie Maryland tree services.

With over 15 years of tree removal and a team of specialists that is highly experienced in handling these matters, we’re a team you can both count on and trust. All of our services are handled competently and safely.

Removing Old Trees = Removing a Hidden Danger

That old decaying tree in your backyard or your front yard is a hidden danger and an accident waiting to happen. One good wind could eventually knock the tree over in its entirety if the tree has already decayed, leading to the possibility of damage to property or injury to others. Annually, many people lose their lives to falling trees and tree limbs and these types of accidents are often times avoidable with attention to a tree that has decayed or is decaying.

Other Accidents Waiting to Happen

Does a tree on your property have limbs that seem to dangle over the sidewalk area of passersby or over the roadways near your home and you’re worried of someone getting hurt? That next big storm could send those tree limbs flying. This too is avoidable with tree limb removal.

Our Bowie Maryland Tree Services

At Affordable Tree Service, here are some of the services we’re proud to offer Bowie residents:

  • Tree Limb Removal: Please note that these services also include limbs that have already been blown around and scattered around your property.
  • Debris Clean-Up
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Removal: Small and Large Trees
  • Storm Damage: We’re proud to offer clean-up crews to help clean up any tree and limb damage due to a storm.
  • Trimming and Routine Maintenance

Don’t Do It Yourself

If you’re considering the removal of an old tree on your property, or just thinking about removing a few limbs, please don’t attempt to do this yourself. The entire process requires an expert approach to avoid injury or downed power lines. Avoid injury or damage to property by giving the experts of Affordable Tree Service a call. That’s why we’ve made our tree services affordable, so you don’t have to risk injury doing it yourself.

To Request an Estimate

To learn more about our affordable Bowie Maryland tree services or to request an estimate with one of our tree removal experts, contact us today! We look forward to handling all of your Bowie Maryland tree removal needs safely and timely.

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